Building sustainable supply chain helps Vietnamese goods conquer domestic market

Sunday, 17/03/2024 09:58
(CPV) According to the Steering Committee of the Campaign for Vietnamese people to prioritize using Vietnamese products, consumers’ purchasing power for Vietnamese goods is increasing and more than 90 percent of consumers prioritize buying Vietnamese products; 75 percent of consumers advise their family members and friends to buy Vietnamese products; and the proportion of Vietnamese goods in markets accounts for over 70 percent.
Vietnamese businesses introduce their products to Thai consumers (Source: Internet) 

In recent years, Vietnamese goods have been fully covered in supermarket systems and many other distribution channels in the country. According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in modern retail channels, the proportion of Vietnamese goods in supermarkets and stores of domestic enterprises reaches over 90 percent; meanwhile, in foreign supermarket systems, it reaches 60 – 96 percent. In traditional retail channels, the proportion of Vietnamese goods in markets and grocery stores also accounts for 60 percent or more. This shows that people increasingly trust and actively approach and use Vietnamese goods.

The numbers demonstrate more clearly that Vietnamese people increasingly prefer Vietnamese products. However, the problem is how to move from the goal of 'Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese goods' to 'Vietnamese goods conquer Vietnamese people'; how to make Vietnamese goods master the domestic market and widen the export door to the world market, contributing to the country's economic development.

According to Ms. Tran Kim Yen, Chairwoman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Standing Deputy Head of the Steering Committee of the Campaign for Vietnamese People to Prioritize Using Vietnamese Goods in the city, the good thing is that there are many businesses selling products that they and their relatives are using; many distribution systems consider product quality a vital factor, many businesses have aimed at responsible production and finding customers, orienting products that are suitable for consumers. This is the first brick to build a sustainable supply chain of goods, ready for Vietnamese people and exports.

Businesses have to continuously innovate, invest in production lines, improve product quality, say no to fake and poor quality goods, which are important for Vietnamese goods to dominate their position. To do that, according to Ms. Tran Kim Yen, businesses need to pay special attention to the role of the supply chain.

"Building sustainable supply chains towards transparency and efficiency requires participating businesses to have spirit, responsibility, and honest distribution," she commented. This is the basis for businesses to build a code of conduct, act together, and say no to suppliers that violate quality standards.

However, to achieve the target of Vietnamese goods to conquer Vietnamese consumers, many say businesses need to focus on green products, clear traceability as well as apply e-commerce in shopping activities. In addition, there must be solutions to support, orient and help standardize and trace the origin of essential goods associated with daily life; building a safe, closely linked food chain, effectively circulating goods throughout from farming, production to distribution.

People increasingly trust and actively use Vietnamese goods (Source: Internet) 

On the other hand, it needs to guide and create conditions for businesses to promote e-commerce applications in supply and distribution of goods, creating conditions for consumers to access Vietnamese goods quickly and conveniently.

In order to support and accompany businesses, in the coming time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to carry out trade promotion activities and apply e-commerce in purchasing Vietnamese goods in a form suitable to the new situation.

This aims to enhance the position, quality, and competitiveness of Vietnamese products in the context of deep integration into the regional and world economy, aiming to have “Vietnamese products conquer Vietnamese people” and “Vietnamese people proudly use Vietnamese products”./.