China and US supply most fruits and vegetables to Vietnam

Sunday, 26/05/2024 09:24
As of mid-May, Vietnam had spent US$725.6 million on importing vegetables and fruits, mainly from China and the United States, according to the General Department of Customs.
Apple is the fruit that Vietnam imports most from overseas markets. (Photo: Internet) 

Of the figure, China was the country’s biggest supplier, accounting for 40.5% of total imports. Chinese fruit and vegetables were favoured for lower prices and improved quality. In addition, geographical proximity helps lower transportation costs compared to similar products from other countries.

Last year, the country imported approximately US$1.96 billion in fruit and vegetable products. Of the total, imports from the Chinese market reached US$794.7 million, marking an annual decrease of 7.4%.

The US came second among Vietnam’s largest vegetable and fruit exporters during the reviewed period with a value of US$331.5 million, down 7% year on year. This was followed by Australia with over US$142.4 million, down 10% year on year.

The General Department of Customs showed that apple continues to be the most imported product last year with a total value of US$237.1 million, accounting for 21.8% of the country’s total fruit and veg imports. This was followed by grapes, tangerines and pears./.

CPV (Source: VOV)