Hanoi calls for investments in six urban areas projects

Sunday, 19/05/2024 10:43
Hanoi is calling for investment in six urban areas projects in Dong Anh district worth a total of 34 trillion VND (1.3 billion USD).
A view of Dong Anh district (Photo: VNA) 

The areas looking for support are the G3 New Urban Area covering nearly 80ha in Kim Chung, Dai Mach communes, G13 covering more than 44ha in Mai Lam and Ding Hoi, G8 46.6ha in Kim No and Kim Chung, and G17 in Nam Hong.

The others are two social housing projects in Star City Tien Duong in Tien Duong Communce and Green Link City in Tien Duong.

Other projects in the include infrastructure, transport, shopping centres, wholesale markets, hotels and parks.

Recently, Hanoi is also seeking investors for a smart-ecological urban area project in Dong Anh District covering 268ha in Tam Xa, Vinh Ngoc and Xuan Canh worth an estimated 35 trillion VND. The project is a part of Hong (Red) River subregion planning.

Hanoi is aiming to raise the status of Dong Anh from a rural district to an urban district by 2025 with a large sum of investments in infrastructure system development planned in recent years.

In July, Hanoi approved the project of building the Belt Road No 3 passing through Dong Anh District worth nearly 5 trillion VND.

The capital city also plans to build three bridges over the river to connect Dong Anh with the city’s centre./.

CPV (Source: VNA)