Hanoi implements program to stabilize prices of essential goods in 2024

Monday, 24/06/2024 10:15
(CPV) - The Hanoi People’s Committee has just issued Plan 185/KH-UBND to stabilize the market of essential goods in the city.
 People shop for essential goods at supermarkets. Photo: VGP

The plan aims to ensure the balance of supply and demand of goods, market stability and social security to meet the needs of the capital’s people for essential goods during the rainy season, holidays and Lunar New Year 2025, and when unusual epidemics occur.

Product groups and quantities that need to balance supply and demand include rice, pork, chicken, duck, seafood, poultry eggs, processed foods, vegetables, sugar, cooking oil, spices, and milk for children under 6 years old. Product groups with high demand during the Lunar New Year season include Tet jam, candy, wine, beer, and soft drinks.

Of which, the rice consumption demand is expected at about 99,450 tons a month, equivalent to 1.19 million tons a year; pork about 19,890 tons of live pigs a month, chicken and duck meat about 6,630 tons a month, equivalent to 79,560 tons a year, fresh and frozen seafood about 5,520 tons a month, equivalent to 66,300 tons a year, processed food about 5,520 tons a month, equivalent to 66,300 tons a year.

The Hanoi People’s Committee assigned the City Department of Industry and Trade to preside over the work of capturing market information, organizing and coordinating goods of units when the market fluctuates under the direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the City People’s Committee.

The Department of Finance presides over and coordinates with departments, divisions and branches to advise the City People’s Committee to strengthen management, administration and price stabilization in the area according to the provisions of law.

The program will be implemented until the end of May 2025./.