Vietnam among five largest seafood exporters to Singapore for first time

Saturday, 27/04/2024 07:03
Among 15 countries that are competing fiercely to export seafood to Singapore, Vietnam has risen to become one of the five largest seafood exporters to the market.
Seafood processing. Photo for illustration 

On April 25, the Ministry of Industry and Trade cited the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore to inform the press about this event.

Statistics from the Singaporean corporate regulatory authority showed that during the time under review, the country imported nearly 340 million SGD worth of aquatic products from nearly 100 countries and territories, a decrease of 5.67% from the same period in 2023. It mainly imported shrimp, crab, crustacean, fresh fish, chilled fish, fish filet, frozen fish, and mollusc.

Seafood groups account for a large proportion in Singapore including: shrimp, crab, and crustacean seafood, accounting for nearly 25% of the total consumption; fresh and iced fish (19.86%); fish filets, iced or frozen fish meat (18.15%); frozen fish (15.45%); and molluscan seafood (11.02%).

Items such as fresh fish, processed fish and aquatic seafood account for a relatively low proportion of 4.05%, 4.11% and 2.43%, respectively.

Among the Top 15 seafood exporters to the Singaporean market, Malaysia continues to take the lead, followed by Norway, Indonesia and China.

In the three months, Vietnam’s seafood export turnover to the market reached more than 24 million SGD, up 3.22% and only accounted for 8.58% of the market share.

Counsellor Cao Xuan Thang, head of the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore, said Singapore has continuously expanded and diversified supply sources to ensure food security, but this has also boosted competition among seafood exporters to the country./.