Vietnam-Laos special relationship unique in the world

Thursday, 17/03/2022 19:30
Looking back at the history of the national liberation revolutions of Laos and Vietnam, we can see that the people of the two countries have always attached themselves to each other, loved and cared for each other, and stood shoulder to shoulder in struggle, considering one’s revolutionary career as the other’s.

Lao press publishes diverse articles about Vietnam-Laos Friendship Year 2022

The editorial confirms that Vietnam-Laos special relationship is unique in the world. (Photo: NDO)

This is how the Pasaxon Newspaper editorial began with a front-page article on relations between Vietnam and Laos.

On March 16, on the front page of Pasaxon Newspaper, the organ of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party published an editorial emphasizing that fighting together, experiencing difficulties together, sacrificing blood to help each other liberate the country, which is the source of the special friendship and solidarity between Laos and Vietnam, there is only one but not two in this world.

The editorial continued that, about the relationship between our two countries, like President Ho Chi Minh's teaching that helping the people of Laos means helping Vietnamese, the relationship was a combat alliance in which the armies and peoples of the two countries joined forces to fight against the colonialists and foreign imperialists in order to win the national independence of each country together.

In terms of the revolutionary cause, the peoples of the two countries have stood shoulder to shoulder, shared difficulties, supported each other, lived and died together, and shared happiness as President Kaysone Phomvihane once said: “In the history of the world revolution, there are many clear examples of the noble international spirit of the proletariat, but nowhere and never has there been a special, lasting and comprehensive solidarity and combat alliance like that between Vietnam and Laos".

Standing shoulder to shoulder in the past period has fully demonstrated the relationship between Laos and Vietnam. Every achievement that our two countries have achieved is imbued with the sacrifices and losses of the people of Laos and Vietnam.

The editorial concludes that the victories and achievements of Laos and Vietnam are victories of the spirit of friendship and solidarity, togetherness and solidarity of the peoples of our two countries. Those are the things that the two parties, armies and peoples of the two countries have long wanted, and have achieved after overcoming many difficulties, with joint effort, consensus, and solidarity./.

Compiled by BTA