Vietnam’s field hospital’s youngsters instruct South Sudan residents to grow green vegetables

Wednesday, 30/03/2022 09:10
(CPV) - With the experience of increasing cultivation in the 400 square meter garden of Vietnam's Level 2 Field Hospital No. 3 in Bentiu, South Sudan, the young members of the hospital brought a variety of vegetables with potential good development ability and high yield to guide local people to sow.

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The hospital’s staff help local residents plant vegetables. (Photo: CPV)

This was part of activities to celebrate the 91st founding of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, and part of the 10th Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) between the hospital’s staff and local residents.

Accounting half of the hospital's staff, youngsters are always enthusiastic and active in contributing to all activities organized inside and outside the unit. Responding to this activity, Director of hospital Trinh My Hoa directly went to the the vegetable plot, working together with the youngsters to make a specific plan, carefully surveying the soil and climate because they had to choose fertile land, near the water intake area, convenient for people to take care of and irrigate the vegetables as Bentiu has few rivers and lakes, and is very arid and hot.

The process of guiding the people was meticulously practiced by youngsters, from how to hoe the ground, cultivate the beds, how to sow the seeds correctly, fertilize, put up nets to protect from the hot sun and insects, and water the plants.

Local residents were also instructed on how to harvest and improve the soil to ensure that the soil is always moist and fertile to continue planting for the following crops. This is a long-term companion program with the people, helping to replicate Vietnam's vegetable growing model to neighboring households and the whole region. The hospital’s youngsters also gave people more vegetable seeds and a variety of agricultural tools.

The leader of the local farming team said said the Nuer community in Bentiu is very grateful and appreciates the enthusiastic help of the Vietnamese friends. “The knowledge you share is invaluable. We wish you all the best. Vietnam will continue to accompany and support us,” he said.

Following the Bentiu greening project, in this CIMIC activity, the hospital’s youngsters planted 20 trees and fruit trees taken from the hospital's nursery to bring more life and freshness to the arid land./.

Compiled by BTA