Eight best student entries win Practical Money Skills competition

Thursday, 03/11/2016 06:21
(CPV) - Students from 84 universities/colleges across Vietnam participated in the financial literacy art and communication competition with eight students and one university awarded VND48 million in cash prizes.

Visa and the Central Committee of Vietnam Students’ Association (CCVSA) on November 2nd announced the winners of the 2016 “Practical Money Skills” competition. Around 800 entries were tasked with creating inspirational phrases and art works to promote financial literacy concepts to their peers.

Twenty of the best entries were on display during the program’s closing event, with the Hanoi Architectural University being awarded VND10 million for having the overall greatest student participation in.

                                                                                                    Photo: ATP
The eight best student entries were awarded a share of VND38 million in Visa prepaid cards. The winners were graded on the number of total points they received based on their alignment with the topic of financial literacy, creativity, humor, educational value, and the potential to “go viral”. They come from:

•               Ho Chi Minh University of Food Industry - Ho Chi Minh city

•               Foreign Trade University - Ho Chi Minh city

•               Hanoi Architectural University - Hanoi

•               Foreign Trade University - Hanoi

•               Pham Van Dong University - Quang Ngai province

•               Nha Trang University - Khanh Hoa province

•               Da Nang University of Architecture - Da Nang city

•               Tay Nguyen University - Dak Lak province

Mr Sean Preston, Visa Country Manager for Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, said he was incredibly impressed by the way in which students across the country embraced the competition and communicated some rather complex financial ideas in a simple and effective way. The students in this year’s program have gone above and beyond in terms of creativity, delivering some truly excellent educational work. We believe that these “student-driven” pieces have provided the community with great inspiration for better managing their finances.

This competition has created a playground for students to experience, test and learn more about personal financial management, the new format in 2016 successfully allowed students to express their creativity in communicating financial literacy messages and art works to their peers.

The program, which has run since 2012 in Vietnam and is the result of an ongoing partnership between Visa and the CCVSA, is aimed to teach university students about the importance of financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, and spending responsibly.

This year, it was organized into two parts: one where students submitted slogans, catchphrases, and art pieces, and a second where the best 50 pieces were toured around the country in a series of exhibitions in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city, Quang Ngai province, and Hai Phong city, reaching nearly 16,000 students.

A range of program resources are available on the Facebook page and YouTube channels, which have 21,077 likes and 2,018 subscribers with 1,707,092 views, respectively.

The official program websites www.practicalmoneyskills.com.vn and www.kynangquanlytaichinh.com.vn have achieved 53,625 unique visitors to date, and continues to provide useful advice from program mascot Mr. Pocket, together with handy financial formulas and other tools.

2016 also marks the second three-year Memorandum of Understanding signed between Visa and the CCVSA for the ongoing delivery of the program./.