27,000ha -marine reserve to be established in Ca Mau province

Monday, 24/06/2024 11:43
A 27,000ha marine reserve will be established in the Ca Mau southernmost province to protect and preserve aquatic resources, marine species, rare and endangered species, species with economic and scientific value, the environment, ecosystem and natural landscape.
A part of Hon Chuoi Island in the Ca Mau marine reserve (Photo: NDO) 

According to the Ca Mau provincial People’s Committee, the reserve will have a 3,000ha strictly protected zone, a 11,230ha ecological restoration zone, 3,970ha service/administrative zone and a 9,000ha buffer zone.

The marine reserve will preserve marine biodiversity associated with sustainable eco-tourism development, improve the livelihoods of local fishing communities, contribute to the development of the marine economy, and strengthen the participation of communities in preserving and developing marine biodiversity, said the Vietnam News.

It will preserve coral reefs in Hon Chuoi and Hon Hang islands, the biodiversity and natural landscapes of Hon Khoai, Hon Chuoi and Da Bac islands, and serve scientific research, education, eco-tourism, adventure tourism and relaxation.

Huynh Quoc Viet, Chairman of the Ca Mau Provincial People’s Committee, said the province would prioritize investing in essential infrastructure and implementing communication programs and projects, livelihood transformation and community development.

It would release artificial reefs to provide shelter for aquatic species and develop a program to conserve Hon Khoai squirrels and psychedelic rock geckos, two indigenous species in Hon Khoai Island, he said.

The Provincial People’s Committee had assigned the Fisheries Surveillance Sub-department to co-operate with relevant agencies to manage the reserve, he said.

The province has a large fishing ground covering 80,000 sq.km and it is one of the country’s four important fishing grounds.

However, the province is facing difficulties such as the overexploitation of aquatic resources and the impact of climate change causing a decline in the quality of ecological environment./.