Conference on preserving and promoting value of Ho Chi Minh Relic Area at Presidential Palace for over 55 years

Wednesday, 19/06/2024 10:57
A workshop "55 years of Uncle Ho's passing - 55 years of preserving and promoting the value of President Ho Chi Minh's Relic Sites at the Presidential Palace (1969 - 2024)" was held in Hanoi on June 18.
Delegates at the conference (Photo: VGP) 

This is one of a series of activities marking the 55th anniversary of Uncle Ho's passing away, 55 years of implementing his testament, and 55 years of preserving and promoting the value of President Ho Chi Minh's Relic Site at the Presidential Palace (1969 - 2024); 70 years of Uncle Ho living and working at the Presidential Palace (1954 - 2024); and 15 years since the Relic Area was ranked by the Prime Minister as a special National Monument (2009 - 2024).

Speaking at the workshop, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Dao Cuong emphasized that the workshop is a practical activity and has great practical significance. This is an opportunity to evaluate the work of preserving and promoting the value of Ho Chi Minh's heritage, absorbing valuable experiences from previous generations, management units, scientists, and specialized agencies to continue to better implement the task of preserving and promoting the value of this special national cultural heritage and saying that it also helps Ho Chi Minh's ideology and moral example spread more and more strongly, greatly contributing to achieving victory the goal of building Vietnam with rich people, a strong, democratic and civilized country as Uncle Ho always wished.

The conference had the participation of 150 delegates with 55 presentations from professors, doctors, and scientists.

The presentations mentioned many profound issues, clarifying the process of formation, development, affirmation, value, significance and special advantages of the relic site at the Presidential Palace. This place is a red address, a large, lively school that teaches Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics and style for domestic people, overseas Vietnamese and international friends.

In her report, Ms. Le Thi Phuong, Director of President Ho Chi Minh's Relic Site at the Presidential Palace, said that the results of the workshop will contribute to suggesting new approaches to the relic area, appropriate to the context of digital transformation to better perform the honorable and noble political tasks assigned by the Party, State and leaders of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Over 55 years of operation and development, the President Ho Chi Minh Relic Site at the Presidential Palace has well preserved the cultural heritage of Uncle Ho, while constantly promoting Ho Chi Minh's ideological and moral values through research, collection, display of documents, artifacts and educating and communicating in many diverse forms to localities domestically and internationally./.