Memorial house of President Ho Chi Minh inaugurated in military base

Monday, 01/07/2024 11:44
On June 30, Division 304 under Military Region 2 held an inauguration ceremony for the Memorial House of President Ho Chi Minh.
The delegates perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony. (Photo: PANO)

The memorial house of President Ho Chi Minh was designed and constructed directly by the officers and soldiers of Division 304 within the division's headquarters compound. The total investment for the project was nearly VND1.5 billion.

The project was completed after 3 months of construction. The details, patterns and decorative motifs in the structure contain special sentiments, profound respect and deep gratitude from the officers and soldiers of the Division towards beloved President Ho Chi Minh. The completion of the memorial house of President Ho Chi Minh, along with the division's traditional house, will serve the activities of offering incense and commemorating President Ho Chi Minh by the officers, soldiers and the people.

In his speech at the ceremony, Colonel Trinh Ca, Commander of Division 304, emphasized that over 73 years ago, on February 28, 1951, in Tuyen Quang, President Ho Chi Minh met and talked with the officers and soldiers of Division 304. This was a great encouragement and invaluable spiritual asset that President Ho Chi Minh bestowed upon the division's officers and soldiers. His words of encouragement have accompanied generations of the division's officers and soldiers through countless hardships. In all circumstances, the division has always shown the spirit of determination to fight and win, excellently completing every assigned task.

He also expressed profound gratitude to the leaders of Military Region 2 Command; and the local Party Committee and government for their continuous guidance, support and provision of material and spiritual conditions for enabling the project to be completed on schedule./.

Compiled by BTA