National Defense Academy offers flowers and incense to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh

Tuesday, 14/05/2024 17:00
On May 13, a working delegation of the National Defense Academy led by Senior Lieutenant General Tran Viet Khoa, Member of the Party Central Committee, and Director of the academy, offered flowers and incense to President Ho Chi Minh at Dai Doan Ket Square, Nup Hero's Monument and visited Martyrs Cemetery in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai.
The National Defense Academy delegation offered flowers to President Ho Chi Minh at Dai Doan Ket Square. (Photo:

In a solemn atmosphere, in front of the Uncle Ho Monument, the delegation and leaders of the Gia Lai People’s Committee respectfully offered baskets of fresh flowers and expressed their deep gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh, who devoted his entire life to the cause of fighting for the independence and freedom of the Vietnamese people.

The delegation expressed deep gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh for his great revolutionary career.

Before Uncle Ho’s heroic spirit, the delegation vowed loyalty to the Party, studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style; striving to successfully complete all assigned tasks, contributing to building an increasingly prosperous and strong country.

After offering flowers and incense to President Ho Chi Minh, the delegation respectfully offered flowers to the Monument of Nup Hero - an outstanding son of the Central Highlands ethnic groups, a shining symbol of the solidarity among Vietnamese ethnic groups in two resistance wars against French colonialism and American imperialist.

The delegation respectfully offered flowers in front of the Monument of Nup Hero in the grounds of the Gia Lai Museum.

The delegation also visited the fallen heroes at the Martyrs Cemetery of Gia Lai. They expressed their infinite gratitude to the heroic martyrs who fought and sacrificed for the cause of national liberation and unification./.