Vietnam brings interns to Japan

Thursday, 13/06/2024 16:15
A Vietnamese agency has signed an agreement with an association in Osaka (Japan) to bring Vietnamese interns to work as nurses, with a salary of about VND36 million per month.
Representatives of both sides sign the agreement. (Photo: SGGP)

The agreement was signed on June 12 between the Overseas Labourer Centre under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids  and Social Affairs and the Osaka Medical Care Association (Japan) on providing Vietnamese intern students with nursing skills to practice in Japan.

According to the supply contract signed by both parties, the candidates selected are workers who have graduated in nursing; or workers who have graduated from high school and will be trained in nursing within 1 year (with a certificate of course completion).

After being selected, workers will receive 8-11 months of Japanese language training to reach N4 level before going to Japan.

The Osaka Medical Care Association will cover all costs of learning Japanese in Vietnam, Japanese language certification exam fee (1 time), visa application fee, medical examination cost (2 times), and airplane tickets (exit and return home upon completion of contract).

Workers who come to practice in Japan are arranged to practice at health care facilities of this association or hospitals that are partners of the Osaka Medical Care Association, and receive a salary equivalent to the basic salary of Japanese people working in the same position (about VND36 million per month, not including allowances, overtime pay and participation in various types of Japanese insurance).

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs announced that employees only have to pay for food and accommodation costs during the training period and vocational training costs (for those who have not received specialized nursing training)./.

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