Vietnam expands high-income labor export markets

Wednesday, 10/07/2024 15:52
In the first half of 2024, a total of 78,640 Vietnamese labourers went to work abroad, achieving 62.91% of the annual plan for 2024. In addition to maintaining existing markets, Vietnamese authorities aim to develop and expand markets that offer higher incomes and match the skills and qualifications of Vietnamese laborers.
Efforts focus on enhancing the quality of Vietnamese laborers working abroad under contracts. (Photo: VGP)

Japan has been the largest market for Vietnamese workers in the first half of the year, with 40,596 workers, followed by Taiwan (China) with 27,837, the Republic of Korea with 5,582, China with 1,080, Singapore with 609, Romania with 379, Thailand with 295, Saudi Arabia with 317, Hungary with 268, and various other markets.

Pham Viet Huong, Deputy Director of the Department of Overseas Labor Management under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, stated that in addition to the main markets like Japan, Taiwan (China) and the Republic of Korea, new markets are also showing demand for Vietnamese workers, such as countries in Eastern Europe like Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia.

For 2024, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs aims to send 125,000 workers abroad, focusing on stable and high-income markets like Japan, Taiwan (China), the Republic of Korea and Germany. To achieve this goal, the Ministry will focus on improving the quality of Vietnamese laborers working abroad under contracts, maintaining existing markets and developing high-income markets.

Vietnamese labourers currently work abroad in various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, fisheries and services. Their incomes are relatively high and stable, ranging from USD500 to USD1,600 per month.

Currently, over 600,000 Vietnamese workers are employed in 50 countries and territories, sending back around USD4 billion annually through official channels, not including other remittance channels.

Mr. Huong also mentioned that the Department of Overseas Labor Management will continue to seek new markets, particularly in Europe, which provide favorable working conditions and good incomes. Many countries in this region are seeking Vietnamese labor, especially in the agricultural sector./.

Compiled by BTA