More than 50 golfers participated in the tournament, including officials from the local country, ambassadors of ASEAN countries, Belgian and European businesses, members of the Vietnamese community in Belgium and members of the embassy and delegation of Vietnam.

Golfers participate in the tournament (Photo: VNA)

The event was organized in order to expand and enhance foreign relations, promoting trade and investment between Vietnam and Belgium in particular and Europe in general.

All proceeds from the event will be presented to the Social Protection Centre in Hoi An, which cares for victims of Agent Orange.

After six hours of play, golfer Wijngaard Gael from Wallonie Golf Club, won the championship. In addition, the Organizing Committee also gave many awards to other excellent golfers.

Speaking after the awards ceremony, Ambassador Vu Anh Quang affirmed that the Vietnam Ambassador's Cup 2020 is one of the efforts of the international community to contribute to reducing the burden of Agent Orange consequences and other dire legacies of the war in Vietnam.

According to him, Ms. Chris Geyskens, CEO of One to One Consult SA NV Company and President of the International Association of Victims of Agent Orange in Belgium, has always been sympathetic and given her and Belgian friends’ support to the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

After the award ceremony, golfers enjoyed the traditional dishes of Vietnam./.