Ambassadors from six ASEAN countries at the exchange (Photo: VNA)

A large number of staff from six ASEAN embassies in Italy, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, participated in the exchange.

Ambassador Cao Chinh Thien emphasized that this is a regular exchange activity among the ASEAN embassies in Italy, and it has a very important significance in strengthening cooperation, sharing and coordination among ASEAN countries in Italy for the common development of ASEAN.

He suggested that similar upcoming exchanges should include representatives of Italian partners, to enhance understanding and strengthen the friendship among ASEAN countries and Italy.

In a friendly atmosphere, the officials and staff from ASEAN embassies in Italy played a bowling competition.

The sports exchange among ASEAN countries in Italy was successful, with the first prize going to women's and men's singles from the Indonesian and Thai embassies.

The first team prize was taken by the Malaysian Embassy./.