Delegates attend the event (Photo:

The first congress was held via an online platform due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The congress was attended by 40 delegates, who are representatives for Vietnam student associations in states throughout Australia and the capital city of Canberra.

At the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Ngo Huong Nam affirm that Vietnamese students represent one of the most valuable assets in mutual relations between the two countries, playing a crucial role in promoting people-to-people exchanges.

He emphasized that the Vietnam Students’ Association in Australia is to strengthen connectivity among the Vietnamese student community within Australia, alongside enhancing linkages with business associations, clubs, overseas Vietnamese intellectuals, and Vietnamese alumni based in Australia.

The ambassador affirmed that the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia supports Vietnamese students in dealing with difficulties that may occur in the host country, as well as in future journeys.

The congress elected the Executive Board, including 19 members, for the 2020 - 2022 term. Mr. Nguyen Phuc Binh was elected as the President of the association.

The Vietnam Students’ Association in Australia has become the 11th Vietnam students’ association established abroad./.