An art item performed by Mexican children (Photo:

The event attracted over 600 teachers, students and parents. The students painted, decorated flags and lively paintings about Vietnam with the image of a flying dragon on the main stage.

Many photos about the land and people of Vietnam provided by the Vietnamese Embassy were displayed at the festival, helping local people understand more about the country of Vietnam with many beautiful natural landscapes.

After hearing an introduction of Vietnam’s geography, history, culture, education, economy, habits and customs, Mexican students from preschool to secondary levels in colourful costumes of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities performed special dances, creating a happy and attractive atmosphere, as well as helping Vietnamese culture to be closer to Mexican friends.

After the art program, the students and their parents enjoyed Vietnamese traditional dishes prepared by the teachers.

Through the art program, photo exhibition and cuisine of Vietnam, the teachers, students and their parents expressed their love for and desired to visit Vietnam. Many parents, who are businessmen, wanted to learn more information about opportunities to cooperate with Vietnamese partners while the friendship relations and multifaceted cooperation between the two countries are developing./.