Vietnamese citizens prepare to leave India (Photo:

The government of India began implementing a nationwide curfew from early March 25th and continues to blockade airports for the next 21 days.

Accordingly, Vietnamese citizens in India can access the portal at: to register and receive updated information on COVID-19 epidemic from the embassy and measures relating to entry and exit of the government; notify of required emergency assistance such as interventions with local health authorities for treatment; or register aspiration of returning to Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Embassy in India also recommends that in the coming days, Vietnamese citizens should actively keep updated on the situation, and avoid believing or inadvertently disseminating unofficial information on social networks. When there are scheduled flights to Vietnam, the embassy will inform them.

Vietnamese diplomatic agency in India will collect information, classify and list the order of registration of each citizen (giving priority to emergencies) and promptly report to the government for consideration and settlement. For emergencies, they can directly contact the Vietnamese Embassy in India through the citizen protection switchboard: +91 7303625588 to receive necessary instructions and assistance.

The Vietnamese Embassy in India recommends that Vietnamese citizens living, studying and working in India keep calm, strictly abide by the Indian Government's regulations and instructions: obey the curfew order, refrain from travel, unless necessary or serve essential needs, and minimize gathering in crowded places./.