The opening ceremony of the So Flower Festival in Binh Lieu (Photo:

The festival aims to promote the district’s landscape, people and uphold cultural values, as well as its advantages for tourism development, thereby attracting investments into Binh Lieu to develop it into a tourist attraction.

Domestic and international tourists had a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Binh Lieu mountainous district covered in white So flowers. 

Located in the northeast of Quang Ninh, about 270 km from Hanoi, Binh Lieu district attracts many visitors thanks to its high mountains, terraced rice fields and beautiful reed fields. It is known as “little Sa Pa” by backpacking tourists with its four-season-in-one-day climate and pristine landscapes.

Like other famous flower festivals, the “So” Flower Festival is held on the occasion of flowers bloom in about November or December. The flower has white pistils with yellow spots, and are characteristic flowers of the area.

This annual event introduce to domestic and foreign tourists the beauty and value of the “So” flowers, as well as different kinds of products made from the flowers, thus offering a chance to tourism enterprises to find opportunity to develop tourism products in Binh Lieu.

Last year, the festival attracted thousands of tourists flocked to enjoy the typical beauty of this mountainous district covered in white camellia oleifera./.

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