Ninh Chu Beach in Ninh Thuan province is twilight at sunset. This is one of the most beautiful beaches
 in the Central region of Vietnam, attracting many domestic and international tourists. (Photo: Anton Dat)

Under the lens of photographer Anton Dat, the sea water in Ninh Chu sparkles under the sun.
The waves flapping the cliffs create white foam that brings a peaceful, sweet and romantic beauty.

The sea water in Da Nang is blue in sunshine beside the coconut trees swaying in the breeze,
as seen through the eyes of photographer Minh Hoa. The features of this tropical region
 bring many visitors a relax in the green space. 

A coastline with white sand, golden sunshine and jade blue water is typical features of Vietnam’s sea
 (Photo: Minh Hoa).

The panorama mode has helped Minh Hoa easily capture
 the whole scene of this green coast in only one photo.

In addition to beautiful coastline, Vietnam also has a rich marine ecosystem with a wide variety of
seafood and marine creature systems. This is an opportunity to develop tourism services
 under the sea, such as exploring the ocean, and diving to see coral (Photo: Dinh The Anh)

Photographer Dinh The Anh has captured beautiful moments of creatures living in
what appears as a brilliant natural painting on the bottom of the ocean.

Specific images of plain coastal people are also recorded by photographers.
In the harsh sunshine at noon, the image of a farmer silhouetted in the water is very beautiful. (Photo: Anton Dat)
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