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Comedian V. Zelensky wins Ukraine Presidency
Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won a landslide victory in the country's presidential election.
Seoul ready for Bamdokkaebi Night Market 2019
16:12 01/04/2019
“The 2019 Bamdokkaebi Night Market” will take place every Friday through Sunday from April 5th to October 27th.
Thailand’s rice exports down in both volume and value in February
09:54 01/04/2019
Thailand’s rice exports decreased in both volume and value in February 2019 due to high prices as compared to other competitors and its stronger baht.
Indonesia: Presidential candidates hold different approaches on int’l relations
09:45 01/04/2019
There were some major differences on how two Indonesian presidential candidates envisioned the future of Indonesia’s foreign policy, which were conveyed during the fourth face-off between two candidates held in Jakarta on March 30th.
New Zealand commemorates victims of shooting attacks
11:25 30/03/2019
A national remembrance service has been organized in New Zealand to commemorate the victims of the shooting attacks at the two mosques in the quiet city of Christchurch two weeks ago.
Election results in Thailand announced
10:58 29/03/2019
The Election Commission (EC) of Thailand on March 28th announced the results of the country’s general election which took place four days earlier.
Cambodian peacekeepers equipped with armoured vehicles
10:12 26/03/2019
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced on March 25th that he has approved a budget of USD15 million to purchase armoured vehicles for the country’s peacekeeping forces operating in Mali.
Thailand election: ruling party leads with 7 million votes as of March 24th
10:06 26/03/2019
The ruling party, the Palang Pacharat of incumbent Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha was leading the general election in Thailand as of late March 24th, according to initial results announced by the Election Commission.
Thailand votes in general election
10:45 25/03/2019
Voting is underway in the general election in Thailand on March 24th with over 50 million people eligible to cast votes.
Indonesia constructs 275 MW power plant to boost energy access in Sumatra
10:22 25/03/2019
(CPV) - ADB signed a private sector financing package on March 22nd 2019 to support the construction of a 275-megawatt combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in Riau province in central Sumatra, Indonesia, to help secure the country’s energy future and provide communities with more affordable and reliable electricity.