Andrej Babis is re-appointed Czech Prime Minister (Photo: AFP/VNA)

The appointment gives him a new chance of forming a government to end a long political stalemate.

Mr. Babis's first government, which is of his ANO minority, resigned after it lost the vote of confidence of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament, in January 2018. But it keeps ruling pending the formation of a new cabinet on which ANO agreed with the Social Democrats (CSSD), and the Communist party (KSCM) will support it.

Mr. Babis was first appointed Prime Minister in late 2017 on campaign pledges to clean up corruption, cut taxes and limit migration.

"I ask you to present me your proposed government in reasonable time," President Zeman told Mr. Babis after the ceremony.

After the appointment ceremony, President Zeman asked Babis to submit a draft lineup of his new cabinet within an adequate period of time. Mr. Zeman said he hoped Babis could gain the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies this time./.

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