Chinese Premier Li Keqiang calls for joint efforts against COVID-19 (Photo: CCTV)

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made the remarks in Beijing while attending the Special ASEAN+3 Summit with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (RoK) chaired by Vietnam via video link.

As COVID-19 is spreading globally, the ASEAN+3 countries are also affected, Li said, noting that the virus is gravely threatening the health, safety and lives of people around the world.

Xinhua quoted the premier as saying that the ASEAN+3 countries have gained valuable experience of jointly tackling crises and put in place mechanisms for enhancing emergency preparedness.

He highlighted the importance of stronger coordination, saying that it is essential to make a collective response to the epidemic.

The Chinese leader called on the ASEAN+3 countries to demonstrate their positive and special role in fighting the epidemic and revitalising the economy, and to send a message of partnership, solidarity and mutual assistance among East Asian countries to boost confidence in the region and beyond./.