(Source: Xinhua/VNA)

National Electoral Commission (CEN) President Alina Balseiro stated that conditions were already created for the second stage of the 2017-2018 general elections.

The National Assembly will choose a 31-member Council of State. The new members of the National Assembly will be tasked with choosing a successor to 86-year-old President Raul Castro when he steps down next month.

The general election is the first since the death in 2016 of late President Fidel Castro.

President Raul Castro voted in the southeastern province of Santiago de Cuba, while his first vice president and likely successor, Miguel Diaz-Canel, cast his ballot in the central Santa Clara province.

"The triumphal march of the revolution will continue," Mr. Diaz-Canel said after voting, promising that "peace, liberty, independence and the sovereignty of the people will endure."./.

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