The National Election Commission of Egypt (Photo: AP)

First round results will be announced on April 2nd, and in the event of a run-off, on May 1st.

The NEC said candidates must register between January 20th - 29th and in case of no single participant winning a majority first time around, a run-off would be held on April 24th-26th.

The election will be Egypt’s third since the 2011 uprising that ended strongman Hosni Mubarak’s long rule.

President El-Sisi has yet to announce his candidacy for the ballot, but he is widely expected to run. Mr. Sisi won a land-slide victory in the previous election in 2014, where he won almost 97 percent of the vote.

Lasheen Ibrahim, the Chairman of the National Election Authority, said: "We will run the election with integrity and keep an equal distance from all candidates." The election, said Lasheen, must be "an epic of love for Egypt”./.

Compiled by BTA