Indonesia takes action to boost medical tourism

Saturday, 08/07/2023 15:40
Indonesia is working to develop medical tourism in rural areas as part of the country’s effort to strengthen public health care services, a senior official has said.
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Speaking to the press on the sideline of the World Tourism Network Summit 2023 in Jakarta on July 7, Taufik Jamaan, chairman of the Indonesia Medical Tourism Association (AWMI) said the association’s work had started in late 2022, and ongoing efforts include collaborating with food processing trainers to ensure hygienic food processing.

AWMI is also embracing digitalisation through the implementation of the Community Telehealth Pavilion (ATM Health), he said, adding that this solution, linked to the Ministry of Health, allows travelers to check their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and oxygen saturation in a convenient manner.

For instance, before embarking on a mountain climb, individuals can assess their health using ATM Health, Taufik said.

The portable nature of ATM Health, which resembles a suitcase, making it mobile and easy to use in tourism villages, he went on.

According to the official, AWMI’s role goes beyond medical tourism promotion, as it also actively develops business avenues, educates the public, and conducts research on herbal resources across the country. It recently welcomed the Association of Indonesian Herbal Medicine Doctors as a partner in its medical endeavours.

Taufik said that AWMI aims to establish downstream processes to ensure that the community can benefit from research findings in the future. By leveraging research outcomes, it plans to develop various products, such as supplements, powders, herbs, and beverages, which will strengthen Indonesia’s reputation in herbal medicine, he added./.

CPV (Source: VNA)