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This information was released in a press conference held on September 19th.

The third expo is expected to attract the participation of 522 companies from 27 countries and territories such as the US, Greece, Denmark, Russia, France, India, Turkey, Swiss, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and more.

It will have 2,500 booths displaying new products on smart houses, green materials and green urban areas.

Exhibitors will bring advanced technologies in the fields of interior and exterior decoration and household goods for home decoration, in association with sustainable development and environmental protection.

On the sidelines, many special seminars will take place, such as a conference on aluminum products and the most advanced aluminum production processes of Vietnam and China, workshops discussing solutions to reuse rainwater, reduce flooding in urban areas and applying regulations and standards on fire safety design evaluation, fire safety management in construction and operation of buildings./.