The flight carrying US vaccine aid landed in Vietnam on July 10. (Photo: UNICEF Vietnam)

In addition, the association also hopes that the Vietnamese Government will consider vaccinating workers in the apparel and footwear sectors.

The AAFA represents diverse large firms in apparel and footwear, such as Gap, Adidas, Nike and others.

During the pandemic, the firms’ operation has been affected by COVID-19.

Suppliers in Vietnam contributed 50% of global footwear production in 2020. Experts say that if production in Vietnam is disrupted, the entire supply will be affected.

Up to now, the US has aided Vietnam with more than 5 million doses of Moderna vaccine, out of a total of 23 million doses for 20 countries and territories in Asia.

The above vaccines are part of a total of 80 million doses that US President Joe Biden has committed to provide to meet global vaccination demand./.

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