HCMC strengthens digital transformation in publishing, printing, distribution sectors

Monday, 16/10/2023 12:25
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is paying more attention and efforts to strengthen digital transformation in the fields of publishing, printing, and distribution in the current period.

Printing books at a printing house in HCMC (Photo: sggp.org.vn)

Taking advantages of digital transformation to minimize costs

Ho Chi Minh City has organized a seminar themed "How to Build a Smart Printing House", which is one of activities to mark the National Digital Transformation Day.

The seminar aims to help printing businesses to develop smart printing models to address the issue of increasing raw materials, as well as the requirements for orders to ensure quality and meet environmental protection criteria, managed through a flexible and interconnected system.

In 2022, the whole printing industry achieved a remarkable revenue of over VND93 trillion, up 9 percent compared to 2021.

However, Associate Professor, Dr. Ngo Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Printing Association cum Chairman of the HCMC Printing Association said that both the national and HCMC's printing industry have the potential for further growth if they have favourable conditions to maximize their capabilities. One of the urging needs at the moment is digital transformation, which involves progressing toward the establishment of smart printing facilities.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Luan, Director of ITG Dx Consulting Center, a unit that has effectively supported businesses in their digital transformation efforts, the printing industry has the particular characteristic of extremely challenging production costs, not to mention a relatively high level of competition within the sector.

He said that his survey of leading companies in the field of printing and packaging shows that digital transformation holds the key to cost optimization, especially in the printing process. The printing phase is the starting point and the most resource-intensive aspect for printing and packaging companies.

Mr. Luan emphasized that printing businesses will have to face fierce competition with foreign businesses when they bring their technology to Vietnam and print here. Vietnamese printing companies need to embark on digital transformation, moving towards establishing smart printing factories to effectively harness existing resources and operate more efficiently.

The printing industry currently offers several opportunities, particularly in the realm of packaging printing - the sector that generates the highest revenue for the printing industry. However, despite the significant market potential, many printing enterprises still operate on a small scale and employ limited technology, leading to higher production costs. Expanding the production capacity of printing and packaging companies poses a substantial and intricate challenge to effectively address the forthcoming market demands.

Digital libraries need to be established

Apart from publishing, printing, and distribution, the publishing sector, particularly electronic publishing, also has to promote current digital transformation trends.

Libraries have also been gradually modernized. The models of electronic and digital libraries have been formed such as the National Library, the library of Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City and S Hub e-library in the campus of the Ho Chi Minh City General Science Library.

However, to meet the demand and requirements for knowledge, library activities should create a stronger transformation because the challenges posed in the era of technology boom are not small, particularly as readers can access sources of documents, books, newspapers and information via the internet.

The digitisation of documents at libraries not only helps preserve and maintain the life of archived documents more convenient and longer but also attract more users of this source as well as contributing to bringing great benefits and facilitating readers in sharing the information resources of this library to other libraries.

Thanks to that, readers can easily access and use them on computers and mobile devices, contributing to meeting the needs of readers as well as promoting reading culture and researching, training and creative activities.

Several libraries have cooperated with publishers to share digitised documents as the publishing houses have actively digitised printed books to serve readers using digital devices.

Nguyen An Ninh Digital Library (Photo: HCMC Department of Information and Communications)

The Nguyen An Ninh Digital Library - Southern Region Topics (trial version) at https://thuviennguyenaninh.vn. has been established by the Lotus Fund. This open intellectual space is designed to store a variety of resource materials, including printed books, audiobooks, digitized books and documents, documentary films, and more to cater to readers and researchers for referencing, studying, and exploring the history and people of the Southern region.

This project is designed as an open and user-friendly library that aligns with the reading, research, and information-seeking preferences of users in the digital age.

The habit of consuming digital content has been gradually forming, especially among young readers. The behaviour of reading, watching and listening of young people, is also having a strong shift to the digital environment, on digital platforms.

E-books, audiobooks, visual books, and interactive books, and their integrated features have become popular trends, captivating readers, especially the younger generation. A digital library is considered an open space, accessible to users anytime and anywhere. The vast volume of books, documents, and knowledge does not require an expansive physical space; it is all neatly encapsulated within the application of a website, compatible with electronic devices like computers, TV screens, tablets, and smartphones.

In addition to the Nguyen An Ninh Digital Library, the Vietnam Entrepreneurs' Digital Library has been launched at https://thuviendoanhnhan.vn/. This library is expected to become a valuable resource for readers seeking comprehensive materials about entrepreneurs in HCMC and nationwide./.