More than 13,000 new jobs to be created for labourers in Ho Chi Minh City

Tuesday, 25/04/2023 20:38
In the second quarter of 2023, 851 of 3,795 enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City are recruiting more than 13,000 workers in many different fields, the City People's Committee has said.
Workers have the opportunity to find jobs at the Tourism Job Exchange of Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: LDO)

According to the City People’s Committee’s forecast, in the second quarter, over 71% of businesses will still maintain the same production and business activities, more than 20% of enterprises expect to increase the number of employees and more than 7 % of enterprises plan to cut labor.

The main reason is that enterprises do not re-sign expired labor contracts, lack of production orders and some other reasons. Most businesses believe that the production and business situation in the last 6 months of 2023 will be better, thereby helping the labor market to be brighter.

The City People's Committee has directed to continue to grasp the labor situation, encourage businesses to well implement labor law policies in taking care of workers' lives, promptly solve arising problems, and prevent collective labor disputes.

The city will organize job fairs to advise and introduce jobs to employees in both face-to-face and online forms to promptly advise workers who need to find a job and send them to businesses.

In addition, the city will also work with provinces to connect labor supply and demand to meet the requirements of human resource development, and promptly coordinate the implementation of policies to support workers from provinces to Ho Chi Minh City to work.

On the other hand, it will address unemployment insurance policies and vocational training counseling for workers who want to join vocational training./.

Compiled by BTA