Vietnam peacekeeping forces support children in Abyei

Monday, 18/09/2023 15:33
Vietnamese peacekeeping forces participating in the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) coordinated with local authorities to organize a working group to visit and survey the system of schools in the area on September 15-16.
Vietnamese female soldiers take children to the movie screening area. (Photo: VNA)

Accordingly, the delegation visited and surveyed a number of classrooms and schools in the Abyei area, including the kindergarten at Abyei church. This is a place to teach and care for more than 200 orphan children. It also worked with the Abyei Education and Construction Authority to research plans to upgrade and improve infrastructure conditions and educational facilities to support local schools.

Captain Phung The Khanh, Civil Military Coordination Officer of the 2nd Engineer Team, said that in addition to professional engineering activities, the 2nd Vietnam Engineer Team always determines that supporting the people is one of the regular and long-term tasks, including supporting local schools to improve the quality of education.

So far, there are about 10 schools in the Abyei area, of which the largest school has nearly 3,000 students. Most schools have poor infrastructure and roads, and transportation is difficult.

Previously, the Vietnam Army Corps of Engineers had many activities such as building classrooms, teachers' rooms and cafeterias; drilling wells; making clean water supply pipes; building roads; making tables and chairs; and donating notebooks and pens to local teachers and students. On this occasion, Vietnam's 2nd Engineering Team also held a cartoon screening and gave candy to children in the Abyei area./.

Compiled by BTA