Vietnam’s participation in peacekeeping activities helps enhance national status

Tuesday, 08/06/2021 16:59
Since 2014, Vietnam has sent 180 soldiers to join the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic, South Sudan and the Department of Peacekeeping at the UN headquarters in New York, US.

Army’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations helps promote Vietnam’s stature

Military forces joining UN peacekeeping help increase Vietnam’s position

Sending the soldiers to participate in UN peacekeeping missions is not only a military task, but also a responsibility of Vietnam to the international community, especially in the face of the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Major General Hoang Kim Phung (R) (Photo:

Consistent with peacekeeping commitments

According to Major General Hoang Kim Phung, Director of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, as a member of the UN and a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Vietnam has performed its duties, and its voice and participation in peacekeeping operations is recognized by the international community. This is an opportunity for Vietnam to fulfill its obligations and for Vietnamese culture to be widely known to international friends.

Major General Hoang Kim Phung said that African and Latin American countries are still suffering the consequences of conflicts and non-traditional challenges. They are looking forward to support from the international community. Vietnam's presence in humanitarian activities, including military medicine, engineering and military observations, demonstrates Vietnam's support for the 8 millennium goals set by the UN.

It is not only recently that Vietnam has expressed its will to participate in peacekeeping operations. In fact, since 1946, President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter to the UN to express his desire for Vietnam to become a member of this organization.

In the process of international integration, sending the military to participate in UN peacekeeping operations helps Vietnam ensure security and safety and contribute to dealing with the consequences of non-traditional challenges and others.

Continuing to maintain field hospitals

In the situation that the COVID-19  pandemic continues to ravage South Sudan, the Central African Republic and other poor African countries, Vietnamese peacekeepers are not afraid of difficulties, contributing efforts to support people in need in these countries.

“This is a big challenge for us,” said Major General Hoang Kim Phung. “However, Vietnam committed to the UN to continue sending troops and operating a level 2 field hospital in South Sudan.”

This is a political commitment that Vietnam has made with the UN. The UN Security Council recently voted to extend the UN peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and asked Vietnam to maintain the operation of the field hospital for another 5 years.

“This is also an opportunity for us to affirm our responsible commitments and prove that Vietnam has a roadmap to fulfill its obligations to the UN, humanity and especially African countries in all circumstances," Major General Hoang Kim Phung added.

Vietnamese military doctors have received additional training to update their knowledge and experience in pandemic prevention and control. Some patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19 have been treated at Vietnam's field hospital in South Sudan.

The Vietnam Military Medical University and Military Hospital 175 have organized many meetings and online training courses, during which Vietnamese peacekeepers have given advice, encouragement and support to people in these countries for implementing measures similar to those implemented in Vietnam.

With tireless efforts, peacekeepers have encouraged people to understand and take measures to prevent the spread of the virus./.

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