ASEAN book corner opens in Kazakhstan’s Astana city

Monday, 21/11/2022 15:55
The ASEAN Committee in Kazakhstan recently held a ceremony to open the ASEAN book corner at the library of Nazabaiev International University in the capital Astana.
Delegates at the ribbon-cutting ceremony (Photo:

Participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate the ASEAN book corner were leaders of Nazabaiev International University, Ambassadors and leaders of the embassies of four ASEAN countries in Kazakhstan of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, and many officials and students of the university.

The ASEAN book corner in Kazakhstan initially had about 50 books introducing the country, people, history, culture, and tourism of ASEAN member countries.

In particular, the Vietnamese bookstore introduces two Vietnamese books that were translated into Kazakh for the first time and were awarded the Consolation Prize at the External Information Awards 2022, including “Vietnam in the New World” by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and “Dang Thuy Tram's Diary”.

On this occasion, guests, professors and students of the university also participated in an exchange introducing ASEAN and Kazakhstan-ASEAN cooperation. Astana's students expressed their desire to have more exchange programs between ASEAN countries and Kazakhstan to have the opportunity to learn, explore and broaden their understanding about Southeast Asian countries.

In front of the ASEAN book corner at Nazabaiev International University, a number of countries such as Japan, China and the Republic of Korea have established their own book spaces. The ASEAN Committee in Astana and Nazabaiev International University agreed to continue new cooperation plans in the future./.