“Charming and dynamic Vietnam” in Mexican capital’s Central Avenue

Friday, 17/11/2023 09:58
The opening ceremony of a photo exhibition themed “Vietnam: Charming and Dynamic” has been co-organized by the Vietnamese Embassy in Mexico and the government of Mexico City on Reforma Avenue, the largest central avenue of Mexico and Latin America.
Delegates at the exhibition (Photo: dangcongsan.org.vn)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mexico Nguyen Hoanh Nam emphasized the good, traditional and friendly relationship between the two countries, and expressed his thanks to the city government and local authorities for always supporting and creating favorable conditions for the Embassy's foreign affairs work, including organizing photo and painting exhibitions to introduce the country and people of Vietnam.

According to the representative of the Mexico City government, this photo exhibition with 30 vivid, colorful photos not only reflects the unique features of the country of Vietnam but also portrays the inner beauty, character, personality and soul of Vietnamese people.

Representatives of the Mexico City government said that this was an opportunity for Mexican people and tourists to explore the natural beauty, culture, people and socio-economic development achievements of Vietnam, and affirmed that they would continue to accompany and coordinate with the Vietnamese Embassy promotional activities about Vietnam in the coming time.

With 30 photos of 1.2m x 1.8m, focusing on introducing outstanding natural heritages, tangible and intangible culture heritages of all regions, culinary characteristics and outstanding economic development achievements of Vietnam, the exhibition provides the local public with the most updated information and vivid images about the country and people of Vietnam in the period of innovation and international integration, thereby contributing to promoting and attracting cooperation on economics, trade, investment, culture, education and tourism.

The exhibition is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors and admirers./.