Community Tet held for overseas Vietnamese in Sweden

Wednesday, 01/02/2023 16:48
An event was held on January 28 by the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden and Latvia to welcome the Lunar New Year Festival (Tet), with the participation of nearly 120 overseas Vietnamese from Vietnamese associations in Sweden and Latvia and some Swedish friends.
Ambassador Phan Dang Duong speaking at the event (Photo:

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Sweden and Latvia Phan Dang Duong sent New Year wishes for happiness, health and success to all overseas Vietnamese in Sweden, Latvia and distinguished guests.

He highlighted the outstanding achievements Vietnam has made in the socio-economic, social, cultural and foreign development fields in 2022. Vietnam’s GDP reached 8.02% in 2022, the highest rate in the past 11 years, inflation remained under control at 3.25%, and people's living standards, along with political and social stability, improved, he said.

That achievement has the important contribution of 5.3 million overseas Vietnamese, including the Vietnamese community in Sweden and Latvia.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese community also debuted the Vietnamese Women’s Union in Sweden.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi Oanh, President of the Vietnamese Women’s Union in Sweden, said that this event marked the first organizational connection among women in the Vietnamese community in Sweden. She also hoped that the union would receive the help and coordination of the Vietnamese Embassy and other associations to organize lively, diverse and attractive activities, actively contributing to the activities of the Vietnamese community in Sweden in the coming time.

Ambassador Phan Dang Duong expressed his confidence that with the good qualities of Vietnamese women, the establishment of the union will spread the spirit of solidarity, mutual help in difficult times, preserve and promote the traditional cultural identity of the nation, and always look to the homeland.

The program was organized in a warm atmosphere at the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden, which has been a common house for overseas Vietnamese to gather on every Tet./.