Free job fair for Vietnamese in Japan in 2023

Monday, 08/05/2023 08:43
The Free Job Fair will be held by the Vietnamese Youth Association in Japan (VYSA) in Kanto region, Japan, on May 27.
Job fair has brought many job opportunities for overseas Vietnamese in Japan (Photo: VYSA)    

The Job Fair is VYSA's annual event, with the aim of connecting businesses with Vietnamese people living, studying and working in Japan.

In addition, the event is also a great opportunity for students to orient their career path as well as improve their practical integration skills.

During 15 years of dedication, VYSA Job Fair has brought many job opportunities to Vietnamese people in Japan, successfully connected many candidates with businesses, especially contributing to helping young Vietnamese people gain overall perspective in career orientation.

Experiencing a difficult time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VYSA Job Fair took place in many different forms but still received positive support from everyone.

VYSA Job Fair 2023 continues to bring job opportunities to the Vietnamese community in Japan, especially international students looking for a job or changing careers, and Vietnamese university graduates who want to work in Japan.

At the job fair, participants can experience, meet, talk and ask questions with Japanese business representatives, learn about the working environment, salary, and remuneration of each company.

The event is an opportunity to help each person decide the direction, profession and job in accordance with their capacity and aspirations.

This year's program is organized by VYSA on the Zoom platform for candidates living outside of Kanto and Vietnam./.