Leading community health model for Vietnamese people in Japan

Thursday, 02/05/2024 11:26
Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare Company on May 1 opened its second pharmacy in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first two clinic-pharmacy operators allowed to provide online medical examination services for Vietnamese people in Japan.

A Vietnamese person is being examined by a Japanese doctor with the support of a Vietnamese medical interpreter. (Photo: VNA)

According to a Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Tokyo, Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare, formerly a distributor of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for hospitals and clinics, have become a leading community health model, supporting health insurance for hundreds of thousands of patients in Japan.

With more than a decade of development, Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare have supported more than 80,000 patients, providing free COVID-19 treatment to more than 10,000 Vietnamese and foreigners in Japan.

Since 2021, Mori Pharmacy has operated a clinic facility and a pharmacy dispensing drugs according to doctor's prescriptions at Otsuka station in Ikebukuro district, Tokyo.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Japan, during the most stressful period from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022, many Vietnamese people in Japan, most of whom were interns working in rural and mountainous areas, had difficulty finding medical examination and treatment facilities and buying prescription drugs.

In addition, most Vietnamese workers can’t speak Japanese well, so they faced added difficulties when meeting the doctor.

Therefore, Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare Company applied for a license for online medical examination services at the clinic-pharmacy at Otsuka station, becoming the first clinic-pharmacy to offer online examinations for Vietnamese people in Japan.

Besides, Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare also provide free medical interpretation services, helping to eliminate language barriers for Vietnamese people who can’t speak Japanese fluently.

Another advantage of Mori Pharmacy is that it can dispense medicine under a doctor's prescription, meeting health insurance requirements. For those using Japanese health insurance, medical examination and treatment fees will be reduced 70%, even up to 90%.

This factor makes Mori Pharmacy's clinic-pharmacy an address not only for overseas Vietnamese in Japan, but also many other foreigners such as international students from Myanmar and China.

Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare also provide free support for overseas Vietnamese in Japan in calling hospital ambulances.

Thanks to the effective contributions to the community, in November 2023, Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare surpassed more than 10,000 pharmacies across Japan to receive the "Community Pharmacy 2023" award.

So far, Mori Healthcare and Mori Pharmacy have a system of healthcare consultation and care, medical examination and online prescription with Japanese doctors, with two main branches in Tokyo. They have distributed more than 200 types of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics drugs.

In addition, Mori Healthcare and Mori Pharmacy also provide legal advice and connection support for foreigners in Japan who have problems with psychology, employment and rights.

Ms. Le Thuy Tien, Director of Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare, affirmed that Mori Pharmacy and Mori Healthcare will strive to improve with the goal of contributing more to the community./.