Overseas Vietnamese in Czech Republic updated on local laws on finance and tax

Tuesday, 16/04/2024 15:10
The networks of Vietnamese intellectuals and experts in the Czech Republic (NVIEC) recently held a discussion on regulations of the host country related to financial and tax activities.
At the discussion (Photo: VNA)

At the discussion, NVIEC experts spent most of the time disseminating Czech regulations on taxes and finance to Vietnamese people doing business and trading in the Czech Republic, according to Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

In addition, the organizers also directly responded to problems related to financial and tax regulations in the business process of Vietnamese people, and necessary procedures when conducting  two-way money transfer between Vietnam and the Czech Republic, as well as things to keep in mind when declaring taxes, and proving finances.

According to Dr. Le Tien, NVIEC Chairman, the main purpose of the discussion is to help the Vietnamese community solve the most prominent problem currently in business activities in the Czech Republic related to financial and tax regulations.

NVIEC experts disseminated and advise participants on the most basic knowledge, and update changes in local laws, enabling the community to fully comply with regulations in the business and trading process in the host nation.

Establishment in June 2023, NVIEC is an organization that brings together Vietnamese or Vietnamese-origin intellectuals and experts in the Czech Republic with the goal of launching practical activities for the community.

NVIEC has always played an active role in helping the community integrate into the host society as well as engaging in other association activities.

The Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic is more and more growing and making greater contributions to Czech society, however, there is still a part that violates regulations, especially relating to taxes and finance.

This not only affects the violators themselves but also the reputation and image of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic in general. Therefore, such support activities are of great significance for the community there./.