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Speaking at the event, Mr. Tran Quang Khai, Chairman of the association, emphasized that over the past five years, with the support and encouragement of the Vietnamese Embassy and the Overseas Vietnamese Association, the Quan Ho Club has overcome its initial difficulties, brought their singing to serve not only the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, but also in neighbouring countries, participated in Vietnam-Czech cultural exchanges and promoted the Vietnamese culture to international friends.

Members of the club have been passionate about learning, preserved their Quan Ho tunes, disseminated among the community and passed on to the second and third generations of Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic.

Participating in the program were four famous artists of Vietnam: Thu Hong, Ba Trong, Quang Vinh and Ngoc Oanh.

The Kinh Bac Fellow Countrymen Association and the Quan Ho Club were highly appreciated by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese, the Vietnamese Embassy and the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic for its efforts in preserving the national cultural identity of the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic. The development of Vietnamese folk singing movements and Quan Ho singing specifically among the Vietnamese community has been an encouraging contribution to the Kinh Bac Fellow Countrymen Association.

It can be said that the lyrical Quan Ho is a link connecting people from Kinh Bac in particular and the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic in general, as well as the connection among Vietnamese people living far away from the homeland, especially the second and third generations, with the origin of the national culture./.