Various activities promote Vietnamese culture held in France’s Fontainebleau city

Friday, 17/03/2023 16:57
A series of activities to promote Vietnamese culture were organized in France’s Fontainebleau city on March 14 under a program named "Vietnam rendezvous on stage".
Delegates at the event (Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in France) 

The event took place at the Municipal Theater of Fontainebleau and attracted a lot of people in the city and neighbouring areas.

First of all, a symposium named "France - Vietnam relations, from the Fontainebleau Conference in 1946 to French Prime Minister Edouard-Philippe's historic visit to Vietnam in 2018" was organized. During the symposium, Dr. Pierre Journoud, a lecturer at Paul Valéry Montpellier University 3 and an expert in Vietnamese studies, highlighted special milestones in the relationship between Vietnam and France

Besides, Ms. Amandine Dabat, a 5th generation descendant of King Ham Nghi, delivered a speech "Ham Nghi, exiled king, artist in Algeria" to help the French public understand more about the king as an artist – an aspect that few people know about.

In addition, visitors also had a chance to enjoy performances of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments and music, as well as explore the presence of Western classical music in Vietnam through the documentary film "Once upon a bridge in Vietnam" by young filmmaker François Bibonne.

The Vietnamese Embassy in France highly appreciated the initiative and efforts to organize the event, especially when Vietnam and France are celebrating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations and 10 years of strategic partnership.

These event are more significant as they were held in Fontainebleau city where the Franco-Vietnamese negotiation conference took place in 1946 and also the city where President Ho Chi Minh traveled to during his visit to France in the same year./.