Vietnam’s products promoted at International Fair of Santiago

Wednesday, 23/11/2022 16:00
The Vietnamese Embassy and the Trade Office in Chile attended the International Fair of Santiago (FISA), which took place from November 17-20, to promote some strong export products of Vietnam.
Local consumers visit Vietnam's booth (Photo: 

The fair drew the participation of Chilean businesses and enterprises from more than 20 other countries, including Dominica, Ecuador, Germany, Israel, France and Finland.   

At the fair, a wide range of products were introduced from consumer goods, handicrafts, and wine to hi-tech products. Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines attended the fair and introduced their products in ASEAN Village.

Vietnam promoted some strong export products such as footwear, garment, coffee and handicraft. 

This is also an opportunity for Chilean businesses to learn about potential of the Vietnamese market and connect businesses of the two sides.

During the fair, hundreds of Chilean consumers and businesses came to learn about and exchange information at the booths of ASEAN countries and Vietnam.

FISA is one of the biggest annual international fairs in Chile. This year’s fair attracted more than 50,000 arrivals./.