Vietnamese Bo De pagoda in Laos inaugurated

Monday, 13/11/2023 15:45
A ceremony was held on November 12 to inaugurate the phase one of the upgrade of Bo De Pagoda, a Vietnamese pagoda in Khammouane province of Laos.
At the ceremony (Photo: 

Bo De Pagoda is one of the first Vietnamese pagodas in Laos, gathering a large number of Vietnamese community to participate in spiritual activities at the pagoda, contributing to strengthening solidarity and attachment among the Vietnamese community in Laos. The pagoda has become one of the symbols of solidarity, not only in the field of religion, but also in the relationship between Vietnam and Laos.

Speaking at the event, Lao Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nisith Keopanya said the Vietnamese Buddhist followers and Vietnamese pagodas in Laos have made great contributions to Lao society through charitable activities to help the disadvantaged in the country. The Lao government and people highly value the contributions, he said.

The upgrade was funded by donations from Buddhist followers in Vietnam and Vietnamese Buddhist followers in Laos and Europe./.