Alice and Luce play the violin to raise funds (Photo: VNA)  

As of October 9, Vietnamese children in Sydney, aged 7-11, have raised 7,532 AUD (5,505 USD) through online concerts after nearly two week of donations.  

According to Ms. Khoi Anh, the mother of two children who perform at the concerts, her family has kept a close watch on COVID-19 developments in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, and wish to do something to ease difficulties facing pandemic-hit people, especially children.

Through the concerts, she hopes to nurture her children’s sense of sympathy with other people’s difficulties and willingness to support the needy, while becoming more closely connected to the homeland.

In June, the Vietnamese Embassy in Australia and the Vietnamese General Consulates in Sydney and Perth called for support from the Vietnamese community in the country in COVID-19 prevention and control at home.

In response to the call, many Vietnamese associations, businesses, entrepreneurs, students and Vietnamese people in Australia have donated cash to the activities, while engaging in many activities to support pandemic fight in Vietnam and call for Australia’s assistance in COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam./.