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The information was announced by the Singaporean Embassy in Vietnam to prevent the rapid spread of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide.

They must also provide proof of residential place during their isolation in Singapore and may be required to test for Covid-19 if necessary.

Citizens from ASEAN countries wishing to enter Singapore for short-term entry must provide a health certificate to the Singaporean representative agencies in their host country for consideration before coming to Singapore. Information about the health certificate form is posted on the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representative agencies in the host country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that Vietnamese citizens should not go to Singapore if it is not absolutely necessary, and if they plan to come to Singapore or go abroad should: stay updated on the regulations of host countries and airlines to ensure to have all necessary documents required to make the trip (especially documents certifying health status, if any), in case of not having enough necessary documents, the foreign side refuses entry into their country; and strictly follow the recommendations, instructions, and absolutely comply with the Covid-19 disease prevention regulations of the local authorities./.