Overseas Vietnamese in Laos participated in the donation drive (Photo: VNA)

A large number of overseas Vietnamese people living in Vientiane, Vietnamese businesses in Laos and the staff of the Vietnamese embassy and agencies besides the embassy in Laos, participated in the donation drive.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Ba Hung highly appreciated the enthusiastic support of the Vietnamese community in Laos before the difficulties of Lao people in central and southern region of the country heavily affected by the past flood.

The ambassador affirmed that this is a good tradition of Vietnamese people, and also showed the sharing spirit in the special relations between Vietnam and Laos.

He desired that the overseas Vietnamese community in Laos continue to maintain and uphold the good tradition of joining hands to help Lao people overcome the consequences of the natural disaster, stabilize their lives and make the country of Laos more prosperous. 

Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung affirmed that the embassy would soon transfer the full sum of money it collected to Laos’ Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare for the ministry to deliver to Lao families affected by the past flood.

Within three hours of launching, the embassy had collected USD24,750.

The impacts of a typhoon in early September caused heavy rains across a wide area; Laos’ central and southern provinces were flooded, causing great damage to people and property.     

According to Laos’ Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the flood killed 14 people, impacted the lives of more than 175,000 households in 1,400 villages in 6 provinces, damaged 150,000ha of rice, 251ha of crops, 3,266 ponds for raising fish; and damaging many bridges, roads and houses. So far, traffic between localities in some places is still blocked due to landslides and damage./.