Going through over 300km from Hanoi to Ha Giang, with many mountains and winding slopes,
Hoang Su Phi appears golden in color, with the ripenng of the terraced fields.

The weather in Hoang Su Phi in this season is sunshine mixed with rain.

From a valley covered in white clouds, in just a moment, hamlets and terraced fields appear with brilliant gold like a fairy tale.

Phung hamlet, a popular site for travelers coming to Hoang Su Phi

From the centre of Vinh Quang town, visitors have to follow a nearly 30km- pass to reach the centre of the commune. The road here is so small that two motorbikes must be very careful to pass.

Homestay facilities are made on the top of Ban Phung mountain, an ideal stopover for tourists because you can have a panoramic view of the hamlet at the foot of the mountain.

 With roofs mixed with terrace fields, Phung hamlet is a place where paparazzi can sit all day while sipping coffee and waiting to capture beautiful moments.

If Ban hamlet has a rich and cozy beauty with roofs, Ta Su Choong has a majestic and immense beauty.

In the gentle sunlight in the afternoon, the terraced fields are dyed a golden color, like honey.

Stopping here, visitors can inhale the soft fragrance of ripening rice.

Ta Su Choong is located 21 km southwest of the centre of Hoang Su Phi district and is a commune belonging to the terraced field national relic complex.

It has primeval forests, ancient Shan Tuyet tea forests, natural waterfalls stretching across the mountain, creating very beautiful highlight of the northeastern mountains and forests.

BTA (Photo: VOV)