Vietnamese noodle dishes listed among Asia's best

Tuesday, 23/06/2020 18:02
Cao lau rice noodles and bun rieu, a crab-based vermicelli soup, have been listed among Asia’s best rice noodle dishes by CNN (the US).

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Bun rieu Hanoi is one of the dishes that makes an impression on visitors. The eye-catching vermicelli bowl is filled with crab, snails, fried beans, tomatoes, beef, and pork pie, with a plate of fresh vegetables. Bun rieu is sold in many stores from popular to luxurious in Hanoi. Photo: trangnhimtron.


Another Vietnamese dish on this list is cao lau rice noodles, a typical dish of Quang Nam cuisine, attracting tourists to Hoi An ancient town. A bowl of cao lau rice noodles is full of noodles, meat, crispy pork skin and raw vegetables, and is served with a special sweet and spicy sauce. Photo: minhmat.


Cao lau rice noodles (Photo: sciemyniejemy)

Besides Vietnamese dishes, Pad Thai is also included in the list. Photo: behonestfood


Malaysia’s and Singapore’s dishes in the list are oil noodles, laksa. Photo: makoeats, Getty


Yunnan (China) is also a paradise of food. One of the most famous dishes is rice stick noodles. The noodles used in an authentic bowl of Yunnan Guoqiaomixian are made of fermented rice to give the noodles a subtle hint of sourness. Photo: thedreamybunny.
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