World's biggest loaf of bread by Vietnam posted on foreign newspapers

Wednesday, 20/05/2020 09:53
A loaf of bread that is more than 1 meter long with a diameter of about 40 centimeters in Vietnam’s southern province of An Giang drew mention by foreign media with the excitement and impression of the favorite dish in Vietnam.

Vietnamese bread named best food in the world

Saigon bread honoured

Brightside voted this huge bread in An Giang as one of the strangest dishes in the world. Odditycentral newspaper also dedicated a page to introduce the giant bread, the specialty of the province.

The bread which is one meter long with a weight of over 3 kilograms, attracts tourists with its unique typical quality of milk, wheat flour, butter and sesame.

                                                                                According to the baker, it takes 6 hours to produce the bread.
BTA (Source: TDO)