Central Highlands district holds exhibition and talk on Uncle Ho at secondary schools

Thursday, 11/04/2024 15:44
From April 9 to 11, the Gia Lai Provincial Museum coordinated with Ia Pa District Department of Education and Training to organize an extracurricular program on studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style; and an exhibition on President Ho Chi Minh.
Exhibition and thematic talk at Ia Pa District Ethnic Minority Boarding Secondary School. (Photo: baogialai.com.vn)

The exhibition and thematic talks were held at secondary schools, including the Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities, Phan Boi Chau and Hai Ba Trung.

Accordingly, the Provincial Museum displayed the thematic exhibition "Ho Chi Minh - Portrait Sketches" so that teachers and students have the opportunity to approach and visit many precious documents about President Ho Chi Minh. Along with the display, the speakers of the Provincial Museum also talked about the life, career, ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh; and disseminated information on the nation’s sea, islands and borders.

Besides, students joined games and competed in "Ring the Golden Bell" to learn about the life, homeland and career of President Ho Chi Minh; culture, nature and people of Gia Lai province, thereby contributing to making extracurricular activities more exciting and highly effective.

The exhibition and thematic talks helped the students grasp the events they had learned at schools, attaching images and exhibition documents in a visual and vivid way, thereby encouraging them to work harder for becoming useful people for society./.

Compiled by BTA